Why do we need more women in the businesses (especially engineering) and how?

There is still not enough women running the businesses, and certainly the numbers are not moving fast!

Yet, all the data show that diversification enables better business decisions. Women leaders increase the productivity, as they bring added value to problem solving, vision and intelligence.

 So how we can help to increase the numbers?

  1. Encouragement: Starting already from the school (reminding and encouraging them to all kind of studies, especially the ones where few female are represented)
  2. Help them to get more leadership and operational roles (especially in a male-dominated arena)
  3. Being more flexible (offering more balanced work-life environment)
  4. Putting gender into agenda (natural conversion rates are so slow). Little push might help to get things moving

Another important point, is not to push the number of female just to increase the numbers or quotas, but changing our mindsets from the beginning. From the school ranks, giving the female more chance and encouragement for challenging positions. Helping them to get moving into their careers by giving more responsibility on operational jobs and leadership positions.

Then the rest will come naturally…

Ayce Celikel,
Envisa CEO, Aerobay MD & Co-Founder

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