Why a valuation report ?

Did you know that Aerobay provides a turnkey solution from the estimation of your aircraft value to the resale of your spare parts?


1.Valuation Report

We estimate and deliver an aircraft residual valuation report based on the technical data you provide us and using the most up-to-date marker values. The report will include many recommendations regarding the most suitable solution for your aircraft en-of life management.


2.Teardown operation

To manage all end-of-life aircraft operation, Aerobay proposes a list of dismantling centres that are certified environmentally friendly. We also propose to manage each stages of the process, including consignment and asset management on your behalf if needed.


3.Resale of your spare parts

Our international team run periodical campaigns on your behalf through newsletters campaigns, cold callings and so on, to more than 5000 potential buyers!


4.Web demo

Ask now for a web demo : or call +33 1 71 19 45 81 !



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