Transparency, innovation and security in the Aircraft parts supply chain

Volatile. That’s perhaps the best word to describe today’s aircraft part supply chain. Similarly to other markets, aircraft surplus chains have grown more global and interconnected. However, the smaller players still need to increase their exposure to a larger base of clients without spending enormous amounts of time and energy (and most of the time, quite a bit of money).

Today’s problem for aircraft surplus parts suppliers is the low visibility and risk to keep on the shelves the low demand stocks. With today’s regulatory conditions and consumer expectations, buyers need to have assurance about the quality of the products. So how to manage the risk? Transparency is the answer!

That was one of the reasons Aerobay works with its innovative marketplace giving each seller dedicated dashboard to create their own e-shop and publishing the certificates and ideally pictures of the products with a negotiable price. “See what you buy!” approach became our motto. To make it easier to use its innovative dashboard, Aerobay team helps its customers to identify potential products that are selling well, pricing and displaying them in the marketplace with certifications and pictures.

Transparent on customer access as well; Aerobay being completely free membership platform, does not charge on a per-item basis, but focuses totally on its customer’s success. For both buyers and sellers, there is no limitation for the number of searches they can do. And there is no limit how many people can search your product…

In the same direction, to increase the sales of their customers, Aerobay uses a proactive approach handling the SEO optimization (to grow the chances of selling and finding parts each part is SEO referenced; so they are much easier to find via ordinary web search) and intensive communication campaigns for their customers.

Try now Aerobay and your business will grow.

Ayce Celikel, Aerobay MD,

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