The RFQ process problem and the e-commerce answer

Apart from major airlines and suppliers who have their own inner dedicated platform to manage their surplus, the majority of aircraft surplus part suppliers do not have a proper tool to maximize their sales. Second-hand aircraft parts are essential in this global business where OEM are often not able to answer every queries, especially when it comes to emergency with short-time, even immediate demand. The RFQ (Request For Quote) process is costly in terms of time and efforts. Buyers spend time asking for hundreds of quotes on inventory they are not even sure they exist. Sellers display their listing online on old-fashioned website they paid thousands of dollars with often disappointing results. Aerospace industry is a pioneer regarding high technology design and application but has obviously a lot to do in the field of surplus sales. Here comes Aerobay.
Our platform is running without subscription fee. Anyone can login for free and see the displayed inventories. There is no RFQ process on Aerobay: the surplus stocks are listed by sellers with prices, condition code, downloadable documents, location. Therefore, a buyer can see in one click if the part he is looking for is available and at which price. A smart “Make An Offer” tool enable them to discuss the price with the seller, as it is common in the business… Registration is also free for sellers. They can create very easily their online shop and display their inventory. The friendly-user interface allows them to manage their stock (add or remove parts, pictures, details…) and their selling process (accept offers, close deals) by themselves.
Aerobay brings together buyers and sellers of all kind. Commission is only taken on the seller’s benefit once the sale is closed. Therefore, Aerobay is more than just an online marketplace. It has a dedicated sales and marketing team constantly looking for buyers and making promotion of sellers’ stocks. It is a real sale booster for small and medium sized companies who do not have internal sale force and are tired of paying monthly subscription fees on platform where they are just one among thousand others.
Aerobay solution is the answer to the RFQ problem both buyers and sellers have been facing lately. In a more and more digitalized world, e-commerce and online sales are becoming mandatory in every business, including aerospace. The aerospace industry is global. So has to be its solutions.

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