It’s easy, quick and secure ! Check out our general presentation video.

Whether you are an aircraft lessor, an airline or private operator, a spare parts distributor or an Maintenance Center, and you are looking for a better way to optimize your aircraft assets and your surplus parts,  Aerobay can help you.

Go on our website !

Access our online marketplace where you can create and manage your own e-shop to sell the other dismantling parts!

But Aerobay is not just that, go back on our homepage through the multiple services we offer, clic on the residual valuation report feature, fill up the form and get a custom report to help you deciding what to do with your airplane : selling it as a whole, dismantling it or just keeping it.

If you decide to dismantle your airplane, Aerobay team will manage the complete teardown operation.

We find the best solution for the dismantling and recycling operation thanks to our approve dismantling centers network.

We put your airplane’s parts online to pre-sale the major components, which guarantee you a safe financial solution.

Either you chose to sell your aircraft in spare parts or to sell your surplus stock, with Aerobay it will be a success !

Test us now and go on

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