An alternative reuse of non-serviceable aircraft components?

To reduce the environmental impact of a recycled aged aircraft, Aerobay proposes a new solution: Alternative Reuse!
More than 10,000 aircrafts will be retired over the next 20 years, Aerobay provides the opportunity of buying and recycling any non-serviceable aircraft components for an alternative reuse before airplanes die or are turned into strips and sold as scrap metals!
​There are many alternative reuse possibilities of an aircraft which is destined to be recycled:
Fuselage or cockpit can be used for flight schools, training centers, simulators…Materials and parts could be used to design interiors for hotels, boats, restaurants and furniture pieces all originating from discarded aircraft materials.
At the end of the day Reuse could be even better than Recycle
If you’re interested in selling or purchasing that kind of parts, feel free to contact us !
We’ll be delighted to help you to find what you need !


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