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In January 2016, Aerobay is launching a unique aircraft recycling marketplace


Paris, France – 11 December 2015 – Aerobay, a dynamic start-up in the aviation sector will launch its innovative marketplace web platform in January 2016.

The idea was born from the meeting of experts in aerospace maintenance and environmental issues who decided to join forces to provide a unique solution which brings together all the services and products involved in aircraft end-of-life and surplus stocks management.

With its original approach to sell, buy and recycle any aircraft part or component, Aerobay transforms the way current marketplaces interact. Using robust technologies, it assures safe financial transactions whilst delivering an efficient and secure sales platform for surplus stocks.

Being proactive about aircraft end-of-life management will also add much value in optimisation of the recycling opportunities. Undoubtedly this could encourage exciting new business in international markets.

Moreover, many airlines, lessors, aircraft manufacturers, OEM, spare distributors, are holding surplus equipment or end-of-life aircraft. Aerobay proposes an efficient way to monetize these assets.

It is forecast around 10,000 aircraft will be retired over the next 20 years, and knowing that 90% of their equipment can be recycled and reused, the aircraft end-of-life market is definitely going to grow fast.

For general information:
Ayce CELIKEL, Co-founder & Managing Director
T: +33 6 19 80 18 60

For valuation & technical information:
Richard HERVE, Co-founder & President
T: +33 6 08 49 04 01

Press contact:
Amel ISSA, Communication & Marketing Manager
T: +33 1 71 18 15 66

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